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Dead Pixel

A dead pixel on an LED screen refers to a pixel that is permanently not functioning. This means that the pixel consistently displays either black or white, regardless of the image or content being shown on the screen. Dead pixels can occur due to manufacturing defects, physical damage to the screen, or other factors. They can be particularly noticeable on screens with high resolutions or when viewing images with contrasting colors. Dead pixels are often considered undesirable as they can detract from the overall visual quality of the screen.

IC Chip Error

An IC chip error in LED screens means there's a problem with a tiny part inside that helps control how the screen works. This issue can lead to things like strange colors, flickering, or parts of the screen not working right. It might happen because of mistakes when making the screen, electrical problems, or the chip getting too hot.


LED screens can break due to various reasons, such as physical damage, manufacturing defects, or environmental factors. Physical damage may occur from impact, pressure, mishandling during transportation or installation, or even accidental drops. Manufacturing defects can lead to issues like dead pixels, flickering, or malfunctions. Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures or moisture can also contribute to screen breakage.

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