The LED Indoor format is tailored for indoor applications, suited for both interior spaces and shaded areas. Offering high resolution, it ensures sharp viewing even at close distances, making it ideal for indoor installations.


Commonly seen in retail stores, corporate offices, airports, hotels, and other indoor environments, these displays serve various purposes including advertising, branding, information dissemination, and decoration. With their high brightness, clarity, and color accuracy, indoor LED displays guarantee visibility and impact in diverse lighting conditions.




The LED Outdoor format is specifically designed for outdoor use, whether in outdoor areas or outside buildings. While it may have a lower resolution compared to indoor LED screens, it excels in long-distance viewing. It ensures clear visibility even in bright sunlight. Built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, sunlight, dust, and humidity.


Outdoor LED displays are commonly used for advertising, information dissemination, and branding in outdoor environments such as highways, city centers, sports stadiums, and shopping malls. They offer dynamic and impactful communication, reaching a wide audience effectively.



All-in-one LED is a type of LED display solution that integrates various components into a single unit, including the LED screen, built-in processing, control, and power management systems. This streamlined design simplifies installation by minimizing the need for external equipment and connections.


These displays are flexible and can be used for various applications, including advertising, digital signage, events, and presentations, offering plug-and-play functionality for easy setup and operation.




Flex LED, short for flexible LED, is a type of LED display technology characterized by its bendable and flexible properties. These displays are constructed using flexible materials, allowing them to be curved, bent, folded, or even rolled up. Flex LED screens offer versatility and can conform to various shapes and surfaces, making them ideal for applications where traditional rigid LED screens may be impractical or unsuitable.


Flex LED displays are popular in applications such as architectural lighting, stage backdrops, retail displays, and events where dynamic and eye-catching visuals are required.




Curved LED is a type of LED display technology where the LED panels are designed with a curved shape instead of being flat. These curved LED screens are constructed using specially designed panels that are curved or bent to create a concave or convex display surface. Curve LED displays offer several advantages, including enhanced viewing angles and a more immersive viewing experience compared to traditional flat screens.


They are often used in environments where a curved screen can provide a more engaging visual presentation, such as in theaters, auditoriums, control rooms, trade show booths, and retail displays.




Rental LED refers to temporary LED display panels available through rental services. Modular in design, they're easy to transport and assemble at different locations. Renting LED displays offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and access to the latest technology without long-term investment.


These LED displays are commonly used for events, trade shows, concerts, conferences, and other short-term applications where a high-quality visual display is required.




Floor LED refers to LED display technology embedded into flooring surfaces, commonly used in entertainment venues and commercial spaces. These LED tiles create dynamic visual effects and interactive experiences, responding to movement or programmed content.


They are popular in nightclubs, bars, concerts, events, retail stores, museums, and exhibitions.




The use of LED technology in signs for displaying messages, advertisements, or information. These signs utilize LED modules or panels to create bright, eye-catching displays visible both indoors and outdoors. Signage LED displays offer advantages such as flexibility, versatility, and remote content management. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and capable of displaying high-resolution graphics and animations. LED signs are effective tools for attracting attention, promoting products, and enhancing brand visibility.


Signage can be found in retail stores, transportation hubs, corporate offices, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, roadsides, and events. It serves various purposes, including advertising, wayfinding, branding, and providing information to customers, employees, and visitors.

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LEYARD Case References

NASA Satellite Control Center

National Museum Of China

European headquarters of the United Nations in Switzerland

Stanley A. Milner Library, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada